Kingdom Quest: The Vast Claudia


Kingdom Quest: The vast Claudia is a MMORPG title specially made for players who want to explore Claudia continent or other faraway lands. Players will be able to have NFT lands or NFT predefined structures (Castle, Harbor, Mines, etc) as private property.

You can also build or farm on the lands that you own. Predefined structures will give players advantages in many activities among in-game communities (For example: owning a Castle to be a royal member and being able to collect taxes from transactions within the Kingdom). Other than owning real estate in game, players will also send their FT heroes and FT Ship for missions and get rewarded.

The missions can be clearing dungeons, defeating world bosses, discovering a strange phenomenon, delivering goods, escorting royal members or so on. New NFT and Token are also available for this new game. You will be able to craft houses, decorations, horse wagons, or if you are lucky, dragon wagons.


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