Play to Earn

Kingdom Quest provides players with a diverse and transparent earning mechanism. By participating in the game, players can earn money in two main ways:

  • Token Rewards: Players who conquer challenges and get high rank on our leaderboard will be rewarded periodically with $KGC with the amount corresponding to the player's rank. In addition, we also offer a high value $KGC bonus, distributed randomly to players in the leaderboard as a way of incentivizing Kingdom Quest loyal companions.

  • NFTs Collecting: Players participating in PvE game mechanics have probability of receiving Mystery Chest Shards. The Mystery Chests can be crafted by collecting enough shards. Players can choose to open these chests to receive characters or listing chests to the marketplace for trading.

Kingdom Quest players can also earn money through our special events like Tournament, Arena Battle, or Staking KGC token to receive interest.

Details of the earning mechanism in Kingdom Quest are illustrated in the diagram below.

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