Guild feature would connect players, gather them together and fight for greater goods. Guild member capacity is from 20 to 30 depending on guild level.

Guild members would do their guild missions and compete with other guilds to obtain rewards.

Guild Ranking

There will be a Guild Leaderboard which would reward all guild members with KGC tokens depending on guild ranking. By having members completing guild missions, the guild would earn points and climb on the leaderboard.

Guild War Ranking

Also, there will be guild war which would be a contest among a group of guilds. The guilds selected to be competing in the same guild war would be chosen from the same rank by the system.

This would be a chance for every guild to be able to earn in-game items and resources and NFT chests, which can be listed on the market for trading.

A Guild would also evolve along with its members. By completing guild missions and attributing in-game resources, players can level up their guilds. This would unlock the potentials of other features in guild, allow them to be upgraded further (Guild buffs, Guild member capacity, Guild rewards, etc.).

Guild Upgrade

Some below upgrades would be included (but not limited to):

Guild Building Effects of Upgrade

Guild Hall

Increase maximum level of other buildings

Guild Camp

Increase maximum number of guild member

Guild Tower

Increase level, reward and amount of guild daily quest

Guild Fountain

Increase amount of daily energy recharge

Guild Smith

Increase maximum level of guild buffs

Guild Shop

Increase reward of daily guild check-in

Guild feature will be available in-game in the first major update.

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